Fishing for better job candidates is the same as any other type: success depends on using the right bait. How much thought and effort do you put into your job postings? If you’re unsure about how to craft compelling job descriptions, you’re not alone. Fortunately, this means it will be easy for you to stand out! Designing a help wanted ad that will attract the best candidates is less mysterious than you think.

The key ingredients of attractive job descriptions

When candidates are reading through job listings, there are a few things they are looking for and a few they hate to see.

Keep it simple

It’s baffling how many job postings include a massive paragraph describing the company. The old “About Us” section. These sections are a boring waste of space that is likely to turn off many qualified candidates. You can include some basic information as part of an attention-grabbing sales pitch, but it should be brief. If the candidate is interested in the position, they can do further research on their own. Your job postings should be direct and informative; anything else shows you care more about yourself than your future employees.

Don’t be shy about money

Let’s face it: if you’re not paying enough, you can’t expect to attract the best workers. Usually, the starting salary will depend on experience, but you should at least offer a salary range in the listing. Simply writing “depends on experience” or a curt “DOE” is shorthand for telling candidates their needs are not a priority for you.

Get to know the position

If you work with a strong team, your employees are likely more proficient at their duties than you would be. There is nothing wrong with this (again, provided your team is talented and you are a strong delegator), but you will need to understand a position intimately before writing a job description. Talk to trusted, experienced employees in similar positions and find out exactly what is needed for the job. Using their insight, you should be able to craft a high-quality job posting.

Focus on skills, not experience

Getting to know the position will also help you understand what skills should be mentioned in the posting. Since there is a surprising amount of diversity between businesses, simply asking for “2-3 years of experience in [insert job]” is unlikely to narrow your field. Instead, focus on specific skills in place of experience. When a potential candidate sees an easily scannable bullet list of skills they possess, they will know this is the job for them.

Proofread your content

First impressions matter; your job description is your first contact with future employees. Show the same level of professionalism you expect from them by putting some effort into your grammar, spelling, and layout. An accurate, easy-to-read job description sends a powerful message to potential candidates.


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