When they hear the phrase “team building,” most people’s immediate reaction is a weary eye-roll. So many sitcoms have merged the concept with clueless, over-eager bosses that it’s often hard to take the idea seriously. The joke writers, however, have left out one important fact: team building works! The ability for every part of your business – from entry-level employees to upper management – to work together cohesively is vital for success. Here are just some of the benefits of team-building events.

Team-building events encourage better communication

Clear, open, respectful communication is important at every level of business. The problem is the high-stress, high-stakes environment of the workplace isn’t the best place to learn communication skills. Team-building events, on the other hand, put you under a different kind of stress. A fast-paced but low-stakes situation is ideal for learning healthy communication. Your employees will bring their newfound confidence to the workplace.

Deeper empathy for workmates

Every workplace with more than a handful of workers struggles with cliques. It’s too easy to form bonds with one’s immediate co-workers while leaving out the rest. However, collaboration between departments is what makes a business thrive. When one department doesn’t fully understand the role of the other, it’s easy for expectations and demands to become unreasonable. This is why it often pays to mix things up when organizing your events. Making office workers collaborate with warehouse employees, for example, will help them build trust, allowing them to work as a stronger team the next time they clock in.

Fostering healthy competition

A competitive spirit is a powerful motivating force. However, when bonuses, salaries and even careers are on the line, it’s easy for the energy to quickly turn from cute to cutthroat. In contrast, the friendly, competitive energy surrounding team-building exercises teaches your employees that the individual’s, the group’s and the company’s successes are one and the same.

Conflict resolution

It’s not easy to let go of a grudge. When two of your employees form a negative impression of each other, they may never get over it if their only interactions are in an “at work” context. On the other hand, team-building exercises allow employees to interact on levels they may never have chosen on their own. Often, the result is a better understanding of and appreciation for their co-workers.

How to get started

Team-building events are like a mixing pot for your workplace. If you want to create something amazing, you have to start with quality ingredients; that’s where we come in. All Quality Labor specializes in finding the most talented workers in the industrial and manufacturing industry and matching them with the businesses that need their skills. If you need help hiring a strong team that will allow your business to thrive, contact us today.

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