Both managers and employees know it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Much of your time with your employees will be focused on those who need more direction and supervision. But what happens when your best employees start to slip? Keeping productivity high depends on your most talented workers doing their part. When top performers start to taper off, you should respond quickly. Here’s how you can help get great employees back on track.

Isolate the cause

Before talking to your employee, go over their work records and try to identify a cause for the drop in productivity. Have they recently taken on a new assignment, or has there been a change in their workload? It takes time to adjust to changes, so the problem may be temporary. It would be unwise and unfair to accuse an employee of something that is out of their control, which is why it’s always best to be well-informed before approaching them.

Stay positive and optimistic

Counsel without commendation is criticism. Does it seem smart to be overly critical of your star performers? If you want to hold on to your best workers, you need to retain their trust. Even if your best employees’ current performance is poor, never neglect to show appreciation for their past achievements. For example, rather than directly questioning why their productivity has dropped, it would be better to ask what ideas they have to improve their department. Alternatively, you could ask whether they feel they have the resources they need to perform their job well. This will open the door to an open discussion about productivity.

Motivation yields productivity

Poor performance and low enthusiasm are always linked. Though low enthusiasm can have many sources, a very common cause is feeling trapped in your job. Employees have little reason to give their best if they see no hope for promotion and advancement. Reminding workers about future opportunities can exert a powerful motivating force, Of course, your employees need to know they can take your promises seriously, so you need to be sure to offer only what you can deliver.

Give them opportunities to lead

 Offering increased responsibility is a great way to acknowledge your appreciation. It might seem strange to offer more work to an employee who seems to be slipping, but it often pays off. Feeling noticed and validated is important to their self-esteem, and it just might give them the boost of enthusiasm they desperately need.

Investing time and resources in your best employees is always worth the effort. At All Quality Labor, we’re dedicated to helping you find creative, effective solutions to your staffing problems. We have helped many businesses throughout Arizona build strong teams that can weather those tough moments. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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