If your company were a city, your warehouse would be its roads. Without a functional, well-organized system to funnel resources and products, all other vital systems would shut down. When your warehouse is disorganized, shipments slow down and orders drop off as you lose your clients’ trust. When production slows down because of lost business, it may already be too late. For warehouses to run smoothly, you’ll need to build a strong warehouse team. How can you do it?

A successful warehouse team needs a strong leader

Though many companies have a stark divide between warehouse, production and office staff, managers can’t allow themselves to be disconnected from any part of their team. Getting a warehouse to run efficiently is just as complex and critical as running any other department, and creating a strong team will require a tight focus and attention to detail.

Create team projects

Though each member of your warehouse team will have a dedicated role, finding ways for them to collaborate is vital. Encouraging teamwork on projects, such as loading and unloading large shipments, can help your workers step out of their box and build appreciation for their coworkers.

The value of cross-training

Cross-training is another excellent way to build a stronger team. When your employees understand their coworkers’ duties, it helps them overcome potential disagreements. Cross-training all of your employees will help them to collaborate more effectively. Be careful, however, not to violate any union regulations when cross-training.

Give regular feedback

Your warehouse team doesn’t have access to all the numbers and information that you do. Without access to this data, it’s difficult for them to evaluate their own performance. If their performance starts to dip, they won’t be aware unless you tell them. Offering feedback and rapidly addressing any issues will help you work together to find a solution.

Start with the right ingredients

A team can be stronger than the sum of its parts, but only if you start with strong team members. For nearly two decades, All Quality Labor has helped businesses like yours build strong warehouse teams. Contact us today to learn more about our temporary, part-time and full-time staffing solutions.

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