After selecting and hiring a new candidate, you’ve got one simple goal: Get them working as a productive team member as soon as possible. Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. Before a new hire can perform any work for your company, there are some essential legal steps to take care of. Every employee must receive a welcome packet which includes any paperwork and forms your state requires. What should a new hire packet include? Here are the essential items to cover.

New hire packet essentials

1.      A welcome letter

They are not a legal requirement, but welcome letters help your new employees feel at home in their new job. Though personalized letters are a nice touch, be mindful of your wording and avoid any reference to the terms or length of employment. Instead, keep the tone light and emphasize your optimism about working with them.

2.      Federal and state income tax forms

Each employee must complete and turn in a W-4 form before starting work. In addition, your state may require additional tax forms, such as the A-4 in Arizona. Make sure you’ve included both state and federal tax forms in your new hire packet.

3.      Employment eligibility forms

The I-9 form verifies your candidate is legally eligible to work in the United States. Make sure this form is completed before your new employee starts working.

4.      Your company’s employee handbook

Before their first day, new workers should have a chance to familiarize themselves with your company’s policies. In particular, you’ll want to confirm they have reviewed and agreed to your anti-discrimination and harassment policies.

5.      Privacy and confidentiality agreements

Whether large or small, nearly every business has private data they wish to protect. Even more serious – from a legal standpoint – is the possibility of your clients’ privacy being compromised. Before your workers gain access to any protected information, all applicable non-disclosure agreements must be signed.

6.      Consent for background and drug screening

If you haven’t done so already, obtain a consent to perform a background check on the new hire. No matter when a background check is performed, the employee must give their permission before you can proceed.

7.      Payroll documents

Does your new hire want direct deposit of their paycheck? Do they agree to their payment schedule and compensation package? Make sure you’re on the same page before their first day at work.

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