For over a century, the 40-hour workweek has been the standard for American businesses. While the average employee is locked into some variation of the daily nine-to-five, business owners tend to live by much more strenuous schedules. On average, business owners spend over 50 hours on the clock every week, and many – whether at small businesses or large companies – are likely to work for more than 60 hours every week.

The drive to work longer hours is obvious: for owners and CEOs, personal success depends directly on the success of their business. Is it possible to get the same type of loyalty and energy from your employees?

Incentivize by Sharing Your Success

Squeezing more hours and longer workdays out of your team is a poor way of making them take ownership of their work. In order to feel connected to their company’s success, your staff must recognize they will benefit personally from their employer’s growth. Rather than simply sharing profits as a bonus at the end of the year, foster appreciation for each project – each stage of a project, even – by regularly rewarding hard work and great results. When employees feel that their future is tied to their employer’s success, they will feel motivated to give their best.

Involve Them in Planning

Though your staff must learn to be comfortable following your lead, they will feel more driven and appreciated if their voices are heard. Include your entire staff in meetings, and keep them informed about your production goals and other long-term plans. By allowing them to make their mark on your vision, you are helping them appreciate their significance.

Encourage Autonomy

If you treat your staff like mindless drones, that is exactly how they will act. In contrast, employees who are offered independence, responsibility and trust will feel less like subordinates and more like owners.

Reward Those Who Take Initiative

Employees will not take ownership of their work if they feel their career has already peaked. After all, why should they give you their best if there is no chance for advancement? Never let your staff feel they are at a dead end. Instead, make it clear that leaders, thinkers, and problem solvers will be rewarded, and that promotion is just a few steps – not years – away for those who take the initiative.

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