With US manufacturing poised for rapid growth, it’s important to look to the future. What should your company’s goals be? Who are your future leaders? The question of leadership, in particular, should always be on your mind. It’s quite possible that your future managers and executives already work at your company (or they may be just one hire away). Being alert to employees with the ability to lead will help you make better hiring decisions. Here’s how to tell that an employee is ready for more responsibility.

A True Leader Is Ready to Learn

If an employee thinks they have all the answers, they’re wrong. Since no company depends solely on one person’s vision and ability, it’s both unreasonable and counterproductive to promote someone who isn’t humble enough to accept their limitations. In contrast, great leaders are eager to learn, and they never assume they have all the answers. On the contrary, they readily challenge their assumptions and seek out new points of view.

They Are Strong Communicators

Though a good leader should have strong technical abilities – at least enough to understand the issues at your workplace – your future managers don’t have to be the best at every technical skill. Rather, they have a clear head and the ability to effectively communicate plans, goals, and complex instructions to their co-workers.

Leaders Have a Strong Work Ethic

If you see an employee loitering simply because they’ve finished their tasks, they don’t yet have what it takes to lead. You see, leaders don’t wait to be told what to do. Instead, they take the initiative to get ahead of schedule, solve problems, and help others. When you notice an employee or a candidate who gives more than is asked of them, you should keep them in mind for promotion.

They Are Relentlessly Positive

Negative attitudes in the workplace are always dangerous, but they are particularly damaging when they come from management. As a supervisor, it is your job to set an energetic and positive tone. If an employee can’t pick their own mood up off the floor, they will be unable to maintain high morale among their future subordinates. The ideal leader will be encouraging and upbeat, even when projects don’t go as planned.

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