It doesn’t matter how great of a product you offer, if people don’t enjoy their experience with you, they will take their business elsewhere. In fact, surveys show that over 60 percent of people have walked away from a business interaction because of poor customer service. Clearly, the quality of your customer service directly impacts your company’s future. How can you ensure every client has a great experience? It all starts when you are hiring your customer service representatives.

Tips for hiring customer service representatives

Clients contact your customer service department for one reason: They have a problem, and they need a solution. A great customer service rep is an expert at providing effective solutions while making the client feel at ease. Are your candidates capable of providing such a service? Here are the top qualities you should look for.

·         Patience

The hardest part of customer service is that you never interact with clients at their best. Almost by definition, customer service reps deal exclusively with clients who are dissatisfied, upset or even angry. As such, the position requires a vast well of patience and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

·         Empathy

Ultimately, you want all your employees to be on your side, but your customer relations department must be equally willing to see the client’s point of view. If your clients view your service department as an obstacle between them and what they want, they will quickly become frustrated and turn to your competitors. Instead, you want to hire empathetic employees who your clients will see as facilitators and advocates.

·         Eye Contact

Though many customer interactions occur over the phone, you can tell much about a person’s support abilities by their eye contact during the interview. Eye contact demonstrates sincere interest and the ability to connect quickly with others, both of which are vital qualities when providing customer service.

·         Attention to Detail

Nearly as much as anything else, customers want to know their concerns have been heard. As such, they will rapidly be offended by a representative who doesn’t listen carefully to their complaints. When interviewing candidates, be sure to test their ability to remember and respond to small details.

·         Etiquette

Though many everyday interactions are becoming increasingly informal, your customer service department must remain polite and professional at all time. Basic telephone etiquette, such as introducing yourself, referring to your customers by name, and frequent use of the phrases “please” and “thank you” go a long way in keeping your customers happy.

Helping you find great candidates with a proven track record in customer service is one of our top goals. At All Quality Labor, we specialize in matching industrial and manufacturing businesses with talented workers who fit their unique demands. To learn more about our comprehensive and cost-effective staffing services, contact us today.

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