How do great leaders think? While running a successful business requires a deep knowledge of the practical side of your field, smart business owners know that success depends as much on one’s attitude as on any other factor. So what is it that makes great leaders stand out from the rest? What helps them succeed where others have failed? If you want to become a respected leader for your team, here’s what you need to know.

Every successful leader…

… knows that hard work trumps luck

You can’t just fold your arms and hope a solution to your problem will come along. Are you waiting for your client base to expand? For the economy to improve? For your staff to become more efficient and professional? Only focused effort – the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears – can provide a lasting solution to your business woes. Take a hint from history’s great leaders by taking a proactive approach to your problems.

… views their employees like a precious resource

You wouldn’t waste your company’s budget on projects that could never pay off, nor would you ever purposefully damage your valuable equipment. While every manager recognizes the value of these resources, not all treat their own employees with the same consideration. When you remember that a satisfied, well-trained and loyal workforce is your most valuable asset, your leadership style will naturally adjust to reflect your mindset.

… challenges their assumptions

Technology and social changes are reshaping the face of business faster than ever before. While past industries could rest essentially unchanged for decades – or even centuries – modern business strategies can be reformed within just a few years. From manufacturing processes, to corporate policies, to the legal landscape and beyond, today’s leaders must know that strongly held beliefs may need to be adjusted or cast aside based on unexpected factors. By maintaining a flexible mindset, you will be prepared for anything.

… is ready to accept the blame (and then move on)

Everyone reacts to major setbacks in different ways. For many, the natural reaction to failure is to look for someone else to take the blame. In contrast, effective leaders are ready to find fault in themselves, especially if such acceptance can lead to improvement. In fact, such a growth mindset is the best way to eliminate flaws in your personal and professional habits, leading to better outcomes in every field. Once you’ve identified a flaw and taken steps to resolve it, however, don’t keep retracing the scenario in your mind. Effective leaders learn from the past without bringing it with them.

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