In a world that expects rapid or instant delivery of nearly any item imaginable, little thought is given to how the products we purchase are crafted, stored and transported before they land on our doorsteps. If you are a warehouse manager, however, you know these complexities all too well. Running an efficient warehouse takes a unique skill set, and excelling at this task is something few managers will achieve. Are you ready to improve your warehouse management skills? These tips will help you do it.

Earn the trust of your warehouse crew

Since many managers also have duties outside their warehouse, it’s common for a divide to form between management and their team. While managers in other settings, such as an office, often perform tasks that are similar to their subordinates, warehouse supervisors may find themselves losing touch with the day-to-day responsibilities and struggles of their employees. If you want to become a better leader, you must bridge this gap. As often as possible, spend time with each member of your crew. In addition, make an effort to familiarize yourself with their duties, even if it is unlikely you will ever need to perform that task. Displaying this type of personal interest will help your workers view you as being on their side.

Maintain open and respectful communication

Just as being attentive to your employees makes them feel valued by you, keeping them informed about the company’s plans fosters loyalty among your team. Likewise, letting your employees know you are eager to hear their opinions and insight will help them feel valued (not to mention the inherent value of their professional insight). To achieve your communication goals, encourage every member of your workforce to share their thoughts, insights and concerns with you at any time.

Provide training and educational opportunities

Crafting a better warehouse crew involves honing their skills and efficiency. By providing regular training opportunities, you are helping your employees provide better service to you and your customers. When you invest in your employees by sending them to conferences, classes or seminars, you are also proving you value them as individuals and are confident in their worth. In doing so, you strengthen your position as an effective manager.

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