Would you be likely to hire a candidate who shows up late and ill-prepared for an interview? In business, first impressions might be your only impression, as few will choose to team up with an unprofessional partner. What managers sometimes forget, however, is that the “first impression” clause works for both parties. If you fail to dazzle candidates with your job postings, it’s unlikely you’ll get many responses from qualified applicants, let alone manage to make a great hire. If you sense something is lacking in your job postings, here are some tips to make them more effective.

How to Write a Great Job Posting

1.     Start With a Great Job Title

If you ask someone to tell you about themselves, most will include their job in their own description (and it may even be the first thing they mention). If we’re going to be defined by our job titles, isn’t it best for the titles to be attention grabbing? While some companies have gone so far as to let employees choose their own unique titles, you should remember these will be quite literally the first words job seekers see when evaluating your company – make them count!

2.     Write an Exciting Introduction

No job can be fully described in three – five sentences, but that’s about how much time you have to grab an applicant’s attention. The intro should briefly describe the job, but its goal goes far beyond description. Your first paragraph needs to set an exciting tone, one that highlights how this job, and only this job, will allow candidates to reach their career goals.

3.     Describe Your Company

Why should candidates choose you instead of a competitor? What makes your company a more enjoyable, promising, or satisfying career choice? If candidates can’t answer these questions by the time they’re done reading your ad, they will probably keep looking. Make your description inviting and positive, and make sure to highlight what makes your business a great place to work.

4.     Be Specific About Your Requirements

Once you’ve got your reader’s attention, you can dive into specific details. When listing job requirements, it’s generally best to organize them into an easy-to-read list of bullet points. Though some of your requirements might be flexible, you need to place your deal-breakers in a prominent place where they can’t be missed.

5.     Have Someone From Your Team Review the Posting

While the perfect manager might know the ins and outs of each position better than the people they supervise, the reality is that complex skills are very specialized. You should remember, therefore, that even a junior member of your team might know more about certain parts of the job than you do.

A common complaint among job seekers is that of unrealistic expectations. Many managers are writing wanted ads that demand skills and responsibilities that should be shared between two or more employees, not a single hire. By having your current staff review each ad before it’s posted, you guarantee it won’t scare away any potential hires.

Getting an applicant’s attention is just the first part of the process. If you’d like to improve your staffing strategy from the moment an opening appears into the onboarding process and beyond, All Quality Labor can help. With over two decades crafting hiring solutions for the industrial sector, we are confident we can solve your part-time, temporary, and permanent staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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