Layoffs. Lost clients. Failed projects. There are a lot of moments that can stress a workplace, and it’s during these times that keeping employee morale high is especially important. In fact, the main factor that will keep your company from joining the 80 percent of new businesses that fail is a strong, highly motivated team. Here’s how you can keep your employees motivated when their future seems uncertain.

Motivational Strategies When Business Is Bad

1.      Maintain Open Communication

Not knowing what the future holds is difficult for anyone, but it’s especially stressful when one’s job is already unstable. When your employees already know your company is in a tight spot, being kept in the dark will only lead to more worries, poor concentration, and low productivity. To buck this trend, keep the lines of communication open and be quick to answer any questions your staff has.

2.      Offer Creative Incentives

Tough times might make raises out of the question, but a failure to compensate your employees fairly for their work will only increase your troubles. When there’s no room in the budget for raises, you’ll have to get creative with your bonuses and compensation. Consider offering options such as flexible scheduling or discounts at local businesses to make sure your workers know you care.

3.      Give Recognition

Feeling valued for their work is one of the most important factors in your team’s job satisfaction. Individual contributions are vital for companies at all stages of their development, and you should never allow a star performer to be overlooked. By paying close attention to your team’s work, you’ll be able to find something worth praising in each member’s performance.

4.      Empower Your Staff

Employees don’t just want to feel valued, they want to know their efforts are making a difference. When you listen to your workers’ input, you help them know their voices are being heard. And when you actually put some of their ideas into practice, they learn just how important their role is.

5.      Keep Reasonable Expectations

When your budget is shrinking, it can be tempting to tighten up your belt and squeeze every last ounce of value out of your workplace. While you can (and should) keep this attitude toward your other resources, your human assets demand and deserve respect,  regardless of the financial situation. You may need to increase their workload to some extent, but you must keep realistic expectations. In addition, explain the new requirements to your team before implementing any change, and try to reach a balance that suits both parties’ needs.

Managing the conflicting requirements of budget and productivity is a priority at All Quality Labor. If you’re looking for temporary staff to offset a short-term need or a cost-effective permanent staffing strategy, we’re eager to work with you to craft a hiring plan that meets your demands. To learn how to get started, contact us today.

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