Whether at home or at work, falls are among the most common and deadly accidents. In fact, when measured globally, falls account for nearly 700,000 deaths every year. Are you doing everything possible to protect your employees from accidents and injury? Here’s what OSHA’s fall prevention campaign recommends on the issue.

Fall prevention is everyone’s responsibility

As some of the most risky professions overall, manufacturing and industrial work demand extra caution when it comes to falls. In order to combat the issue, OSHA’s fall prevention campaign focuses on three primary steps toward fall prevention: Plan, Provide, and Train.

1.      PLAN ahead

Planning to avoid falls starts with recognizing the wide variety of factors that can lead to falls. For example, the most dangerous type of falls are from elevated areas and heights that can result in death. Overemphasis on these areas, however, can lead you to overlook low-level fall risks that can nonetheless lead to serious injury. Cluttered work areas, wet or slippery surfaces, and many other factors contribute in creating an unsafe work environment. By planning ahead and predicting potential accidents, you can protect your crew from serious injury.

2.      PROVIDE the right equipment

Hazardous tasks can still be handled safely when proper precautions are taken. For example, elevated work areas can be made safe by the use of personal tethers, adequate scaffolding, and appropriate barriers. If your employees don’t have the proper safety equipment on hand, they will be tempted to use dangerous shortcuts and expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

3.      TRAIN your staff

Of course, all the safety equipment in the world won’t help if your team doesn’t know how to use it and doesn’t value their safety. Regular fall prevention training ensures your employees are familiar with their equipment and are in the right mindset to perform dangerous tasks without incident. Training should also focus on recognizing hazardous situations and how to resolve safety concerns.

A hazardous work zone can still be accident-free. At All Quality Labor, we believe the key to preventing falls (and other common accidents) is creating a talented, safety-conscious workforce. Our comprehensive and cost-effective staffing services can guarantee you easy access to the most talented workers in your industry. Contact us today to learn more about building a safety-conscious team.

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