Making the right hire is rarely an easy process. Between finding talented workers, vetting candidates, and interviewing and selecting the best of the batch, most hiring processes last well over a month. Should you simply resign yourself to a lengthy process and accept that nothing can be done to speed it up? Never. These are the reasons a slow hiring process can harm your company (and one simple fix to speed it up).

A slow hiring process – How dangerous is it?

Though caution is always needed when hiring, waiting too long will only make the following problems become more serious.

·         Economic impacts

Though many factors influence how much money gets sunk into every hiring process, one of the most significant is how much time is spent on the search. When you need to fill an important position, every day that is lost on a search is another day your productivity suffers. Delaying can turn an already expensive process into a genuine budgetary nightmare.

·         Problems with candidates

Though you should never settle for an underqualified applicant, be aware that an extended search may lead to negative results with potential candidates. For example, many talented and confident job seekers might be put off by a job posting that has been up for too long. Concerned about their future job satisfaction, they may begin to wonder why no one else has taken this job already. Just that tiny bit of doubt might be enough to sway them towards your competitors.

·         Damage to your brand

Far from merely affecting individual candidates, a complex, lengthy, and often fruitless hiring process can cause lasting damage to your company’s reputation in the local community. Fair or not, if it is believed that your business makes unreasonable demands on its employees, your potential clients may also develop a sour view regarding your services.

·         Snap decisions

Sooner or later, you will need to decide on your next hire. The only question is this: How desperate will you be when that moment comes? Managers who have invested countless hours in a search can easily become burned out, and when they do, they’re likely to make a poor hiring decision. To avoid forcing yourself into such a corner, rethink your hiring process to land on a quicker decision.

Faster hiring – A one-step solution

At All Quality Labor, we specialize in creating innovative hiring solutions for businesses like yours. Our recruiters can guarantee a faster, more efficient process for all your part-time, temporary and permanent staffing needs. To learn more about efficient staffing strategies for your business, contact us today.

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