A satisfied workforce is a productive workforce. If you want to keep your employees motivated, however, you’ll need to go beyond your basic compensation package. Here are five simple, yet effective ways to reward your employees and keep their morale high.

Creative ways to reward your employees

1.      Buy a high-end coffee machine

Without coffee, many American businesses would grind to a halt. Regardless, few workplaces offer more than the most basic (meaning cheap) drink options. Treat your employees to something special by providing some higher-quality options, and you’ll immediately see a response from your crew.

2.      Start a peer recognition program

Employees thrive on praise and encouragement. Though management is primarily responsible for this aspect of the employer/employee relationship, praise is particularly meaningful when it comes from one’s peers. Rather than sticking with old-fashioned employee-of-the-month type rewards, involve your team in deciding who should be recognized. When your employees know they are valued and appreciated by their peers, they will be more satisfied with their job.

3.      Provide discounts at local businesses

Entertainment options are always a good bet, including movie theaters and other local events. In addition, discounted gym memberships will help your employees relax and refresh themselves when they are away from work.

4.      Feed them

Providing a few basic snacks in your break room has a tiny effect on your budget, but a huge impact on your workers’ job satisfaction. Be sure to include some healthy options, as well, since unhealthy snacks ultimately send your energy and productivity through the floor.

5.      Give personalized rewards

While most companies occasionally give small gifts to their employees, the norm is give the same small trinket to each person. When done wrong, such “rewards” only show employees how little their bosses care about them as individuals. Instead, add some variety to the mix by personalizing your rewards to each worker’s interests or personality. When treated as individuals, your employees will feel much more valuable.

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