When the average industrial job posting takes over a month to fill, you’re probably eager to stop burning time once you find the perfect hire. If you want to get your new employees up to speed quickly, however, you need to take a strong hold on the onboarding process. Are you ready to start training new employees more efficiently? Here’s how to get started.

1.      Start with a personal tour

On a new hire’s first day, you’re probably the only person they know. As such, you’re ideally placed to introduce them to their new workplace. By performing the first steps in orientation yourself, you help your new teammate adjust to their workplace immediately.

2.      Create an orientation packet

In addition to the extensive pre-employment paperwork that must be completed during the hiring process, your orientation packet will get new hires up and running before they even start their first day. Common items in the packet might include your policy manual, their detailed job description and employment agreement, and any applicable training manuals. Also, consider including an organizational chart, so they will know who their superiors are and who they will be working with day to day.

3.      Assign a mentor

Even experienced candidates need help adjusting to a new workplace. Since every company is different, no amount of technical abilities or previous experience can substitute for first-hand knowledge of the workplace. When assigning a mentor for recent hires, look for someone with a long history at your company who knows the ins and outs of the daily workflow. Though knowledge is key, the mentors you choose also need to have the right character for the task. An approachable and patient personality will have the best success.

4.      Stay involved in the process

While a highly qualified mentor can speed up the training process, you still need to maintain a hands-on approach to the process. Especially during the first days and weeks, check in frequently on your trainees to see how they are progressing, if they are satisfied, or if they have any questions or concerns. While many bosses claim to have an “open-door” policy, few take the initiative to communicate with their employees on this level. If you make the change, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your training process.

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