Every year, thousands of workers are killed in workplace accidents, and millions more suffer some form of injury. Since industrial warehouses present many obvious and hidden dangers to those who work in them, it’s time to review your workplace’s practices to see what can be improved. These warehouse safety tips will help any workplace remain a safe and productive environment.

Warehouse safety tips – Keeping your workers safe

1.      Make vehicle safety a priority

From forklifts to delivery trucks, vehicle safety is one of the most important areas to address. Make sure all operators are fully trained for the specific vehicle they use and workers in high-traffic areas are aware of the equipment being used around them. In addition, consider assigning drivers to work in teams with a spotter who can ensure that lanes are free from obstructions and traffic.

2.      Use protective equipment at all times

Long-term industrial workers can become lax about safety standards, which is why it is important that management take charge of safety standards. Respirators, high-visibility clothing, personal tethers and other personal protective equipment (PPE) should be readily available and well-maintained.

3.      Enforce mandatory training

Even if your crew has already been instructed in basic safety standards, frequent review will help prevent accidents. Training should include the proper use of PPE, identifying hazards, basic first aid and any other issues that are pertinent to your workplace.

4.      Fall prevention

As one of the leading causes of death and injury, falls deserve their own category of training and prevention. Since many workers don’t believe an accident will happen to them, or they will simply brush off a minor fall, it’s important the seriousness of the situation be emphasized. As a manager, it’s your job to ensure training is provided, PPE is available, and potential fall and tripping hazards are rapidly identified and resolved.

5.      Lifting and storage

In a hectic workplace, it’s common for employees to take shortcuts that can potentially be dangerous. Rather than allowing employees to handle loads that are too heavy for them, make sure help is provided in the form of a teammate or a powered lift. In addition, make sure storage racks are well organized and properly stowed, as shortcuts in these areas can also lead to accidents.

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