Filling a single open position is hard enough. Between recruiting, interviewing and vetting your top candidates, it’s no surprise the average job opening takes several months and thousands of dollars invested before a candidate is hired. What can you do when you have multiple positions to fill? When high-volume staffing needs threaten to derail your productivity, a recruitment agency is the best way to take off the pressure. Here’s why you should consider a recruiter for your high-volume hiring needs.

High-volume staffing – How a recruiter can help

1.      Faster hiring

Much of the delay in hiring comes to narrowing down the field to a few promising candidates. Since recruiters are constantly evaluating new candidates, they have ready access to a pool of the best applicants. Rather than wasting time on mediocre resumes, you can cut straight to your top choices.

2.      Cost-effective recruiting

Since recruitment agencies maintain detailed profiles on all the professionals that work with them, they can easily line up multiple similar possibilities that meet your needs. Since you’ll never be forced to start a search from scratch, you will invest less money and fewer resources on every hire.

3.      Flexible hiring options

When hiring temporary workers (to fill a seasonal need, for example), you always want to maintain the option of keeping the best performers. Since staffing companies take care of payroll issues for you, you are free to test out an employee without the risk of paying out a costly severance package. Comprehensive temporary and temp-to-hire options allow you to explore your choices before you settle on a final decision.

4.      Specialized attention

One of the major issues with large-volume hiring pushes is specialization. When seeking to fill multiple roles at once, it can be difficult to keep the diverse needs of each position clearly in order. In contrast, your staffing company can direct special attention to each position to ensure the best possible fit is found.

5.      Data-driven results

While individual managers might find themselves relying on their gut more often than they would like, staffing companies that specialize in high-volume recruiting have access to the latest techniques and software to optimize their search. Such streamlining guarantees your hiring cycle will be as short and efficient as possible.

When you need to fill a large volume of positions in as little time as possible, All Quality Labor will be there for you. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and light industrial staffing, we understand what it takes to get the job done fast. To start crafting a hiring strategy for your business, contact a recruiter today.

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