Though all of your employees deserve your commendation and attention, there are always a few standout players on every team. Are you doing everything you can to show you value their worth? In today’s job market, star performers know that the market is on their side and are likely to consider leaving if they aren’t fulfilled by their current jobs. Here’s how you can keep your top employees motivated and enthusiastic about their work.

Motivating your top employees

1.      Challenge them

Though many workers are content to go about their comfortable daily routine, productive employees always have one thing in common: the drive to excel. If they don’t feel their current position is challenging their abilities, they’ll become bored and start to dream about other opportunities. Once you’ve identified your best employees, don’t ignore them; single them out for special projects that will challenge their skills and spark their interest.

2.      Give them their space

When you’re grooming an employee for future responsibilities, it may be necessary to keep a close eye on their work. Regardless, talented workers don’t enjoy being micromanaged. To any extent possible, let your most responsible employees perform their work as they see fit, giving them free rein to make their own decisions. In doing so, you demonstrate trust in their abilities and judgment.

3.      Show them their future

If you believe an employee has a promising future at your company, make sure they know it. Sit down with them and ask them about their plans. What new skills do they want to learn, and what new responsibilities are they eager to tackle? Reminding them they have a promising path at your company will keep their thoughts from wandering elsewhere.

4.      Pay them what they’re worth (whether they ask for it or not)

Many companies only offer a big raise when employees demand one, and then only after a difficult negotiation. Talented workers know their value, and they will see through any attempts to give them the short end of the stick. If you wait until a worker has become dissatisfied with their pay, researched your competitors and come at you with a request, you’ll have an uphill battle on your hands to retain them. In contrast, staying ahead of the issue will guarantee they feel respected and valued.

5.      Cut the dead weight

No one enjoys working with an underperformer. While some middle-of-the-pack employees might appreciate having the bar lowered, your best performers know they have to pick of the slack of anyone who doesn’t carry their load. Therefore, it’s essential you clear the ranks of any employees that are bringing the team down, whether due to their attitude or lack of skills. By ensuring they have a strong team behind them, you help your top employees stay enthusiastic and motivated.

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