When the average hire means sorting through dozens or even hundreds of resumes, finding candidates that deserve a job interview is a big step. Once you finally meet a job seeker who seems perfect for the position, don’t waste your efforts by letting them slip through your fingers. What can you do to sell the idea of working at your company to job seekers?

Making your company shine during a job interview

While it’s true an applicant needs to do their best to impress you at this point, it’s also vital you present yourself and your business as a great choice for them; if not, your favorite candidate is likely to move on to another option. Here are some critical steps to present your company in a great light.

1.      Emphasize your culture

When your workers spend the bulk of their waking hours on the clock, it’s reasonable for them to expect to enjoy their work environment. What makes your company stand out from the local competition? If you’ve invested time and resources into crafting a healthy corporate culture, now is the time to show off.

2.      Ask about their needs

Though many managers like to handle interviews from a position of power, you should be careful not to dominate the conversation or make your candidate feel defensive. Instead, give them an opportunity to ask questions and express themselves. Showing you value the applicant’s needs will demonstrate your dedication to their well-being and set you apart from the competition.

3.      Research the competition

While you will never have infinite flexibility regarding the compensation you can offer, you need to know ahead of time what the standards are for similar positions in your industry. If for some reason you aren’t able to match offers from nearby competitors, be ready with a counteroffer and an explanation of why your company is still the best choice. Being well prepared in this area will give you an edge when it is time to negotiate.

4.      Offer a personal tour

A new hire’s first day on the job can feel like a mysterious, unopened black box. Since starting a new and unfamiliar job can be nerve-wracking, giving a personalized tour as part of the interview can help candidates who are on the fence ease themselves into the idea of accepting the position. In addition, a short tour provides a natural setting to talk about the candidates experience and assess their suitability for the job.

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