As a manager, it is your duty to set goals for your employees. Studies have found that goal setting in the workplace motivates employees to boost their performance and helps them prioritize. Since setting goals for your employees is easier said than done, All Quality Labor has compiled this handy list of tips on how to effectively set goals for your team in 2019.

Ensure Goals Align With Company Objectives

The goals you set for your employees should align with the overall growth strategy of your company. For instance, if your company’s main mission is to increase lead generation, you should present your employees with goals that can assist with the lead generation efforts. Get into the habit of regularly communicating your company’s goals with your employees so they can remain focused and motivated.

Set SMART Goals

It is important to use the SMART framework when establishing goals for your employees. Here’s what SMART goals entail:

  • Specific: The goals are clear and specific.
  • Measurable: The goals can be easily measured, so you can track progress as a manager.
  • Achievable: The goals are realistic and can be achieved by employees.
  • Relevant: The goals lineup with other goals but are important to employees as well.
  • Time-Based: The goals come with a target date for when they should be met.

Create Goals Consistent for Employees With Similar Positions

When goal setting creates a competition or contest among employees, it can lead to tension and frustration. To avoid this, create consistent goals for employees with similar positions. Encourage a teamwork approach to meeting goals rather than promoting rivalries, which can lead to low employee morale and resentment.

Reward Employees When Goals Are Met

When employees meet or exceed their goals, it is essential to reward them. Whether they receive a bonus, raise, gift card, day off, or a shout out at a staff meeting, rewarding them will honor their efforts. In addition, rewarding employees who have worked hard to meet goals can motivate other employees to improve their performance.

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