Over 22 years of Serving the Valley

All Quality Labor, Inc. is a minority owned business (100% women owned). We are based in Glendale, Arizona and have been providing workers to companies in the greater Phoenix metro valley since April of 1996. We specialize in filling general labor needs but our employee pool includes skilled and semi-skilled tradesmen & clerical as well. We are certified in the government program E-Verify and apply all rules to our hiring practices. We are also ACA compliant.

            As a locally owned business we believe All Quality Labor is able to focus more intently on building and maintaining long term partnerships with the management teams we provide personnel to. In the twenty-two years we have been in operation we have been proud to service a variety of customers including Fortune 500 companies, locally owned corporations and small family owned businesses. All Quality Labor has retained customers and built strong working relationships throughout the years.

            Our staffing agency’s goal is to provide our customers with exactly the kind of employees they need. From locating people with a specific set of skills for short term projects to screening people for ongoing and permanent positions. We have on call staff members after hours in case a customer has an unplanned or immediate need.  It is reassuring to know that if your needs change you can add or eliminate positions without concerns for advertising costs, unemployment taxes or severance packages. We look forward to providing service to your company.