What Staffing Can Do For You

The Staffing Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that did more than $2.3 Billion of business last year in Arizona alone. According to information from the American Staffing Association, the industry employs an average of 65,000 workers in this state every week and fills a critical need for businesses across a wide variety of economic sectors.

Businesses use staffing services for a wide range of reasons ranging from recruiting permanent employees to filling seasonal gaps in employment. Companies with high turnover rates also make use of staffing services as it can be easier and more cost effective to utilize a staffing firm instead of constantly pouring money and energy into recruitment.

Currently the economy in the US has favored growth in the Staffing Industry with 6.8 million available jobs compared to 5.6 million people being recently hired. With unemployment staying below 4% it can be difficult to find and retain talent, especially for entry level positions. Staffing services can help alleviate some of the pain caused by personnel shortages and can provide an additional source of recruitment for companies hard pressed to add to their workforce.