The American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association is an organization dedicated to helping staffing companies in every aspect of business that also provides standards for the industry. With material on everything from recruiting and marketing to upcoming changes in Federal laws, the ASA provides a powerful resource for staffing and temp labor companies to both improve themselves and to follow recent developments.

As far as educational materials on the industry go, the ASA has a library’s worth of knowledge about anything that could possibly affect an employment agency. They have magazines with tips and tricks for retaining clients, ebooks on how to integrate social media with a marketing campaign, partnerships and advice on how to optimize your website, and plenty of other methods of helping out staffing agencies around the country.

In addition to providing general educational materials, the American Staffing Association provides legal expertise on all matters relating to the staffing industry. From OSHA rules and regulations to handling lawsuits and harassment in the workplace, the ASA’s comprehensive legal knowledge will undoubtedly come in handy for small businesses and large corporations alike. By following their news releases and articles, an employment agency can stay up to date on all the latest laws, regulations and trends and can plan strategically for any upcoming laws that may change their day to day operations.

Aside from all of this, one of the most important services that ASA provides is a certification program for both employees and businesses. Should a staffing employee desire, they can take a special ASA exam to become certified and boost their resume. The exam is over two hours long and covers a variety of different staffing subjects. Businesses can also become ASA certified members, allowing them to demonstrate that they adhere to all of the latest standards and practices in the industry and showing that they are a part of the larger staffing community.

All Quality Labor is one such business, having been ASA certified for several years and receiving all of the benefits that come with ASA membership. We receive the highest quality information related to the Staffing Industry and as a result are able to design our company policies accordingly. This has allowed us to keep up with the latest events that affect us and our clients, such as the recent Arizona Sick Pay Law and how that would affect us. Being able to seeing these things coming allows us to provide better service to our clients and to be a better employment agency for our employees. We are proud to be at the forefront of light industrial/general labor staffing and look forward to utilizing our partnership with ASA to further expand our knowledge and understanding of the Staffing industry.