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The Valley's Light Rail Remains a Hot Issue

With the race for mayor of Phoenix running hot right now several topics are rising to prominence- including the extension of public transportation in the form of the light rail. While both candidates generally support its expansion, they differ on how to proceed with its return on investment. Regardless of what direction they take, it is certain to be full of challenges as the extension has generated a significant amount of controversy.

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Phoenix Growth Continues to Soar

The Phoenix Metro Area has a lot to look forward to economically in 2019 as new reports about jobs and growth continue to show positive trends for the nation’s 5th largest city. According to the CBRE Market Outlook Report the Phoenix Metro area added nearly 77,000 new jobs making it the fourth largest source of total job growth in the country. This expanded the growth of employment in the area by 3.7%, contributing to the rising need for more office and business space.

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